Planetary gearmotor SM90P

SM90P is a planetary DC brush gearmotor. It is reversible, maintenance-free. We offer two standard reduction ratios - 1/19 and 1/201. Other ratios are on request. Also gearmotors with Hall encoders are possible. Please, contact us for details.

The main parameters of gearmotor SM90P

  • Motor power: 100W
  • Reduction ratio Rated torque, kgf*cm Rated speed, rpm
    1/19 55 100
    1/201 10 180
  • Gearhead type: planetary
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Current: <4.2Amp

Dimensions of gearmotor SM90P

  • Gearhead lenght L=73.8mm for 1/19 ratio and L=106.8 for ratio 1/201