Small DC brushless drive BLD‑4202

BLD‑4202 is a small size complete brushless drive. It consists of a brushless motor with Hall sensors SM42L61 and controller BLD‑20. The motor frame size is 42mm, length 61mm. It is the smallest model in our brushless motors range. The drive is used as a main drive in small systems, or as a peripheral or minor part of a bigger system. The controller BLD‑20 is very easy to use and provides analog motor speed control. Start/stop and direction are digital signals. This drive also provides acceleretio/deceleration regulation, so the motor start/stop could be adjusted as smooth as it is needed.

The main parameters of DC brushless drive BLD‑4202

  • Output power: 52 W
  • Rated torque: 1.25 kgf*cm (0.12 N*m)
  • Maximum torque: 3.8 kgf*cm (0.37 N*m)
  • Rated speed: 4000 rpm
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Maximum current: 10.6 Amp
  • Rotor inertia: 48 g*cm2
  • Motor weight: 0.45 kg

Dimensions of controller BLD‑20:

dimensions of controller BLD-20 for DC brushless motors

Dimensions of DC brushless motor SM42L61:

Dimensions of DC brushless motor SM42L61