BMS7185-15 - complete DC motor worm gear drive with RS-485

BMS7185-15 is a complete set of DC brush motor with worm gearhead SM7185W and DC motor controller with RS-485 communication interface BMSD.

The BMSD controller, included to the complete drive, adjust motion speed, direction, acceleration and deceleration. The motion control provided by input signals or by commands via RS-485 interface.

Motor speed is adjusted by analog voltage signal 0-5VDC, by potentiometer - internal (there is a built-in potentiometer on the case of the BMSD controller) or external (can be connected to the controller) or by a command via RS-485. Start/stop and direction are digital signals, also can be controlled via RS-485. The inputs are duplicated by buttons on the controller's case. Inputs (and buttons) handle a signals as per the front edge or signal level. The version depends on a controller firmware - please, ask when order.

The main parameters of DC brush gear drive BMS7185-15

  • Motor power: 240W
  • Rated torque: 75kgf*cm
  • Rated speed: 215rpm
  • Reduction ratio: 1/15
  • Gearhead type: worm
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Current: <10Amp

Dimensions of gearmotor SM7185W

Dimensions of gearmotor SM7185W

Dimensions of DC brush motor controller BMSD

Dimensions of  DC brush motor controller BMSD