BMSD-Servo - servo controller for DC brush motors

BMSD-Servo - servo controller for DC brush motors

BMSD-Servo is a speed and position servo controller for DC brush motors with rated current up to 20Amp. It is intended for DC brush motors with 500ppr encoders. The controller adjust motor speed, position, direction and smooth start and stop. Motion control is realised by inputs or by commands from a computer (USB interface, virtual RS-232).

The controller provides two control modes:

- Analog speed control mode: speed control is provided by internal potentiometer or by analog voltage signal 0-5VDC; acceleration and deceleration are adjusted by internal potentiometer; motion direction is controlled by digital signal.

- Programmable mode, speed and position control: all motion parameters are set by commands from a computer via USB (virtual RS-232). These motion parameters can be saved to the controller's EEPROM for the further standalone operation, to the controller's buffer for a temporary operation or real-time control command-by-command is possible.
Positioning can be set as a absolute coordinate or as a displacement for a specified encoder pulses. For better integration with the application system there are two programmable outputs (open collector type) and two inputs. Home positioning function is also provided.

We also offer DC brush gearmotors with encoders 500ppr.

The main parameters of controller BMSD-SERVO

  • Rated current - 20Amp
  • Max. current - 30Amp
  • Power supply - 12-48VDC

Dimensions of controller BMSD-Servo

Dimensions of  controller BMSD-Servo