Download materials - software, 3D models, manuals

We provide technical support for all our products. You are welcome to contact us for any questions. For customers' convinience we offer some materials to be downloaded from our web-site.

Software for motor controllers

Software for our controllers is free and available for downloading. At the moment we offer programs for Windows OS for SMSD series stepmotor controllers, BMSD controllers for DC brush motors and BLSD series controllers for DC brushless motors. Our devices obtain new functions with the course of time, the programs are improved - so the newest versions of firmware are available on our web-site.

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Firmware for motor controllers

Standard versions of our drivers and controllers are suitable for use in most of applications. But there are applications, where the standard logic should be changed. For such cases, we have prepared special versions of firmware and logic for our controllers. Preparing of  new versions of firmware is a subject for discussion, please contact us for details.

We prepared animated descriptions of available versions of firmware, which can be downloaded here.


Controllers and drivers technical manuals

The technical manuals can be downloaded for discussion purposes or for usage and connection of real devices.

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3D models

As 3D models are very helpfull in engineering process we offer such models for most of our devices. 3D models pdf versions are intended for product skimming, .eprt files are intended for more detailed browsing using SolidWorks software, .exe files can be learned even if You don't have special software for .eprt files.

.igs files are not available to be downloaded, but it is possible to request these 3D models by filling in special form here >>>.

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