DC Brush

DC Brush

DC brush motor is one of the most widly used type of electric motors. Brush motors are easy to use and in common don't need any electronics to run. At once there is possibility to improve dc brush motor movement in order to adjust motion for exact application. We supply dc motors with planetary, spur and worm gearheads.

We design and manufacture drivers and controllers for DC brush motors with current up to 40A. These units control speed, direction, smooth start and stop of the motor. There is speed stabilization function for motors with encoder. Communication interface allows control brush motor drive from PC or PLC.

DC Brushless

Brushless DC motors (known also as BLDC motors) provide low noise and high speed motion. These are synchronous electric motors powered by direct-current, with electronic control commutation based on internal Hall sensors. Absence of a mechanical commutation with brushes provides long life-time, low noise, high efficient and these motors don't require maintenance.

We design and manufacture drivers and controllers for DC brushless motors with current up to 50A. These units control 3-phase DC brusless motors with Hall sensors, provide smooth motion and are easy to use. Communication interface allows control brushless drive from PC

DC Brushless


Stepper motors allows reaching a balance between positioning precision and system cost. No gearheads are needed as stepper motors provide high torque at low speeds. With appropriate settings of the controller mode and microstepping options these motors provide precise motions and easy control. Systems with stepper motors provide long life-time as there are no brushes or other commutation motion parts.

We design and manufacture high-quality and cost-effective drivers and controllers for stepper motion control.

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Company news

SMSD-LAN programmable stepper motor controllers with Modbus TCP protocol

SMSD-LAN programmable stepper motor controllers with Modbus TCP protocol

May 2024

Well-known and widely used programmable stepper motor controllers SMSD-LAN series are now available with the Modbus TCP communication protocol. Like the basic model, there are two version with Modbus TCP: SMSD-4.2LAN-Modbus (current per phase up to 4.2A) and SMSD-8.0LAN-Modbus (up to 8.0A).

Welcome to our online store

Welcome to our online store

November 2023

Motors, actuators, motor drivers and controllers can now be purchased in our new online store shop.smd.ee

New DC brush motor controller BMD-5DIN

New DC brush motor controller BMD-5DIN

August 2023

BMD-5DIN is a speed controller for DC brush motors up to 5A. The controller is cheaper than the base 20A version and it can be successfully used in the most low power systems. Motor speed is regulated by analog signal or can be adjusted by an internal potentiometer. To prevent motor overloading, the speed controller provides current limitation function.



May 2023

SMSD-4.2LAN and SMSD-8.0LAN stepmotor controllers available for order.

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