Motors, drives, controllers

stepper motors, drivers, controllers

We design and manufacture high-quality and cost-effective units for stepper motion control - drivers and...
controllers for stepper motors. We also sell different sizes stepper motors.

Our latest product is stepper motors with built-in drivers, these devices save space in application system.

Our stepmotor controllers SMSD series provide analog speed and position control, command control, pulse control and some special functions for better integration to the customer's system.

DC brushless motors, controllers, drives

Our company develop controllers for DC brushless motors with current up to 50Amp. These units control 3-phase...
DC brushless motors with Hall sensors, provide smooth motion and are easy to use. We also sell DC brushless motors.

The controllers adjust motor's speed, direction, smooth start and stop. There are some special inputs for PLC control and RS-485 interface for control by commands.

DC brush motors, controllers, drives

DC brush gearmotors are one of the most used drive type. We offer low power motors with spur, planetary...
or worm gearheads.

Our controllers for DC brush motors are intended for small size motors below 300W and up to 12A. These units control speed, direction, smooth start and stop of the motor. There is speed stabilization function for motors with encoder.

RS-485 function provides command control, motor real speed and direction (for motors with encoder) and there is a revolution counter function.

BMD-R controller provides a remote control option.

Other products

Human machine interface - panel for control of motor drives
  • HMI
    MT6071iE 7” TFT 800x480,
    16M colors
    RS485, RS232;

We offer HMI's with a preloaded software specially designed for control of our motor drives. ...

HMI panels are used for easy and handy control of devices at production site or in systems where usage of computers is not allowed or is inconvinient.

3D printer and accessories - SkyOne

3D printer SkyOne is a universal machine, which combines an easy-in-use 3D printer, engraver and milling CNC...
machines. This 3D printer has an adaptive design and is equipped with a detachably-mounted printing head and removable table. So it is possible to install a work tool, which suits an application task: spindle, batcher, vacuum gripper, air marker, etc.

linear motion modules

Linear motion modules LML consist of an aluminium section (guide), a carriage, a stepper motor and a pulley gear....
These modules are intended for precise fine linear motion of load. LML linear modules are supplied with NEMA 17 stepper motor. The design of the modules provides smooth and presice operation.