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Miniature stepper motor - FL86STH118-6004A

Stepper motor - FL86STH118-6004A

Size NEMA 34
Flange 86 mm
Holding torque 87 kgf*cm
Current per phase 6.0 A
Length 118 mm

The FL86STH118-6004A stepper motors, which are classified as NEMA34 size motors, are known for their high torque capabilities. They are commonly utilized in medium to large-sized industrial equipment to drive linear motion systems and CNC machines. These motors find widespread application in industrial automation equipment, including assembly and packaging machines, robotics, and welding equipment.

technical data

Technical data

Weight 3.8 kg
Rotor inertia 2700 gcm²
Step angle 1.8 °/step
Phase inductance 6.5 mH
Phase resistance 0.6 Ohm
Step angle accuracy ±5 %

Dimensions of stepper motor FL86STH118-6004A

Dimensions of stepper motor FL86STH118-6004A