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SM42L100 DC brushless motors

SM86L98 BLDC motor

Size NEMA 34
Flange 86 mm
Rated power 440 W
Voltage 48 V
Rated speed 3000 rpm

SM86L98 is a big size brushless motor with Hall sensors. The frame size of the motor is 86mm, power 440W.

technical data

Technical data

Rated torque 14 kgf*cm (1.37 N*m)
Rotor inertia 1600 gcm²
Line to line inductance 0.5 mH
Weight 2.6 kg
Peak torque 42 kgf*cm (4.12 N*m)
Torque constant 0.113 N*m/A
Line to line resistance 0.21 Ohm

Dimensions SM86L98 DC brushless motor

Dimensions SM86L98 DC brushless motor