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DB87L01-S DC brushless motor

Brushless DC motor DB87L01-S

Size NEMA 34
Flange 87 mm
Rated power 660 W
Voltage 48 V
Rated speed 3000 rpm

Brushless DC motor with high output power and long service life. By mounting an encoder, this motor can be expanded into a high-performance servo motor for high speed ranges. For higher torques high-performance planetary gearboxes can be mounted.

technical data

Technical data

Rated torque 21.41 kgf*cm
Rated current 17.95 A
Rotor inertia 2400 gcm²
Line to line inductance 0.1 mH
Weight 4 kg
Peak torque 64.24 kgf*cm
Peak current 53.85 A
Torque constant 11.7 Ncm/A
Line to line resistance 0.07 Ohm
Length "A" 140 mm

Dimensions DB87L01-S DC brushless motor

Dimensions DB87L01-S DC brushless motor