BLDC controllers for DC brushless motors

BLDC controllers: for 24 - 48 VDC 3-phase brushless motors

We design and manufacture high effective BLDC motor controllers for speed and position control of 3-phase DC brushless motors with Hall sensors. Two series BLD and BLSD are intended for BLDC control 24V - 48V motors power up to 1000 W power.

Our devices can be used both for position and speed control of BLDC motors. Speed control is performed according to analog input signal, internal potentiometer or a command via RS-485 communication interface. Two series of controllers BLD and BLSD also provide smooth start and stop possibilities. Digital inputs are intended for start/stop and revers the brushless motor. HARD stop input is provided for safety function.

BLSD controllers provide RS-485 communication interface and can work as slaves under control of external PC or PLC. The latest model BLSD-20Modbus provides positioning functions and can be programmed by users.

Controller model Nominal phase current, Amp Supply voltage Max. motor power, W Size, mm   Additional



24 ‑ 48 VDC



RS‑485 Modbus (ASCII or RTU),



24 ‑ 48 VDC

960 23x100x116  



24 ‑ 48 VDC






24 ‑ 48 VDC



Control via RS‑485



24 ‑ 48 VDC





12 ‑ 24 VDC



Integrated with motor

Featchures and possibilities of 3-phase BLDC motor controllers BLD and BLSD series:

Speed control - BLD series controllers provide analog speed control according to voltage input signal 0 ‑ 5 VDC or according internal built-in or external potentiometer position. Speed control through RS-485 interface is aslo provided in BLSD controllers

Acceleration/deceleration - smooth start and stop are ajusted by internal potentiometer "acceleration" or via RS-485 (for BLSD models).

Digital inputs - few digital inputs are used to start/stop a brushless motor, reverse rotation direction, some inputs can be pre-programmed for BLSD-20Modbus controller model.

Positioning function - BLDC position control is provided in BLSD-20Modbus model. This function is based on information from built-in Hall sensors of the brushmotor motor.

Programming function - BLSD-20Modbus can store a user program and can operate as a standalone unit according to the uploaded motion algorithm. We provide software for adjusting and programming the controller for free.

Hard stop function - the function is used as a part of a safety circuit, which allows protecting mechanics and people. The function is based on a special digital input, which means to be closed for normal operation and breaks in case of emergency.

Reverse - reverse input by default is pulse logic - the motor changes rotation direction as per the front edge of signal at "reverse" input (clean contact). At client's request the input logic can be changed to level logic - the low level at the input correcponds to one direction, high level - to reverse direction. Open collector for PLC connection is also possible. The reverse input is also dublicated as a button on the controller's case.

Start/stop - start/stop input is intended for motor rotation start and stop (except BLD‑mini). By default this input is pulse logic - the motor start or stop as per the front edge of signal at "start/stop" input (clean contact). At client's request the input logic can be changed to level logic. Open collector for PLC connection is also possible. The start/stop input is also dublicated as a button on the controllr's case.

RS‑485 - the communication input at BLSD series only - it is intended for command control via RS‑485 interface. All motion commands (start, stop, acceleration, deceleration, speed, positioning ,conroller's network address) are sent to the controller via RS-485. BLSD-20Modbus controllers provide Modbus ASCII/RTU communication protocol. This control mode provides information about real motor speed, direction, counter state (counter of complete motor revolutions). Pulse quantity per motor revolution is set by special command. So different poles motors can be used with the controller.

24-48VDC power supply - wide voltage range 24V to 48V BLDC motor controllers can operate both with small size 24V motors up to 1000W brushless motors. The latest controllers can stand up to 80Amp overcurrent as a short term load.