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DC brush motor controllers BMD-20DIN and BMD-40DIN

BMD‑20DIN and BMD‑40DIN are speed drivers for DC brush motors. Speed, acceleration and deceleration time are adjusted by the internal potentiometers on the frame of the driver. Speed also can be adjusted by an external potentiometer or by an analog proportional signal 0 ‑ 5 VDC. Direction can be changed by external signal (clean contact) “DIR”.

For safety reasons the drivers provide adjusting of a maximum continuous motor current, this function protects motors from overcurrent.

There is an emergency input HARD STOP in the drivers. It is intended for mechanics protection - the motor stops immediately in case the protection circuit is broken.

Adjustment of a threshold of operation of protection is carried out by a potentiometer of "Current adjust". With its help maximum permissible current for each specific engine controlled by the unit is set. The limitation current value can be set precisely. Exceeding of this current during no more than 5 sec will lead to transition to emergency operation.

The drivers have new plastic case with DIN rail mount.

The main parameters of controller BMD‑20DIN and BMD‑40DIN

  • Continuous motor current:
    • up to 20 A (BMD-20DIN);
    • up to 40 A (BMD-40DIN);
  • Short-time (starting) current:
    • up to 30 A (BMD-20DIN);
    • up to 100 A (BMD-40DIN);
  • Motor current limitation setting:
    • 0.2…20 A, < 5 s (BMD-20DIN);
    • 1…40 A, < 5 s (BMD-40DIN);
  • Short circuit protection:
    • 30 A, < 15 µs (BMD-20DIN);
    • 100 A, < 15 µs (BMD-40DIN);
  • Power supply: 12 ‑ 24 VDC

Dimensions of DC brush motor drivers BMD‑20DIN and BMD‑40DIN

Dimensions of  DC brush motor controllers BMD-20DIN and BMD-40DIN