DC brush motor controller with DIN rail mount BMD‑DIN

We recommend the model BMD‑20DIN

The model BMD‑DIN is outdated, production discontinued. We recommend using new models instead. Please, check the list of present models here https://smd.ee/brushcontroller.htm

BMD‑DIN is a speed driver for DC brush motors. Speed, acceleration and deceleration time are adjusted by the internal potentiometers on the frame of the driver. Speed also can be adjusted by an external potentiometer or by an analog proportional signal 0 ‑ 5 VDC. Direction can be changed by external signal (clean contact) “DIR”.

Buttons or external signals can be used to start and stop the motor.

Adjustment of a threshold of operation of protection 0,2 … 16 A is carried out by a potentiometer of "Current adjust". With its help maximum permissible current for each specific engine controlled by the unit is set. Exceeding of this current during no more than 10 sec will lead to transition to emergency operation.

BMD‑DIN is a newer version of a BMD driver, it is also fitted up with a newer case and a DIN rail mount.

The main parameters of controller BMD‑DIN

  • Rated current: 16 Amp
  • Max. current: 16 Amp
  • Power supply: 12 ‑ 24 VDC
  • Overcurrent protection: 0.2 - 16 A (set by user), 17 A 1 sec, 30 A 1 ms

Dimensions of DC brush motor controller BMD‑DIN

Dimensions of  DC brush motor controller with DIN rail mount BMD-DIN