DC brush motor controllers and drivers

dc brush motor controller

We design and produce brushed DC motor controllers and drivers. Our models BMD and BMSD series provide 12V and 24V motor speed control for DC brush motors up to 40A rated current. Our controllers also provide position control for models with encoder. Current limiting function is available and used to protect dc motors from overloading. HARD_STOP safety function is used to prevent injuries and system damage. BMD and BMSD brush drivers control speed, direction, smooth start and stop and position of low power (below 1000W) 12V or 24V DC brush motors according to digital and analog signals to special inputs or according to commands from a PC or PLC via RS-485.

Controller for
DC brush


20 20 30

12 ‑ 24 VDC

Speed stabilization
Holding position
RS‑485 Modbus


40 60 100


20 30 30

DIN rail mount,
adjustable motor current limitation


40 100 100


12 16 30

Speed stabilization
RS‑485 control


16 16 30

DIN rail mount,
adjustable motor current limitation


12 16 30

With remote control

Speed control - BMD and BMSD models provide dc motor speed control: analog speed control according to voltage input signal 0-5VDC or according to internal potentiometer position. Usage of external potentiometer for speed control is also possible. BMSD-20Modbus and BMSD-40Modbus also provide speed setting via RS-485Modbus. It is possible to get the current actual speed for dc motors with encoder for the models with RS-485 Modbus.

Position control - available for dc motor controllers BMSD-20Modbus and BMSD-40Modbus - if the dc motor is equipped with 2-channel encoder, it is possible to use it in position control mode - to set the position as a coordinate or displacement, to hold the position and to get the current actual position value via RS-485 Modbus.

Programming function - available for dc motor drivers BMSD-20Modbus and BMSD-40Modbus - the user program can be composed and stored in the non-volatile memory of the controllers. After the controller is programmed, it can be used as a standalone drive and operate according to the user program, or can be used as a slave in RS-485 network. Direct motor control via RS-485 is also available without using a user program. We provide user friendly software for programming and control the dc brush drives for free.

Acceleration/deceleration - smooth start and stop are ajusted by internal potentiometer or by a command via RS-485 Modbus.

Reverse and direction - reverse/direction can be used as pulse logic signal (activates as per the front edge of the signal) or as level logic signal (the low level at the input corresponds to one direction, high level - to reverse direction).

Start/stop - start/stop input is intended for motor rotation start and stop.This input can operate as pulse logic (activates as per the front edge of the signal) - or as level logic.

Programmable inputs - available for brush motor drivers BMSD-20Modbus and BMSD-40Modbus - purpose and logic of the signals can be set in the controller parameters or can be pre-programmed the controller operates according to a user program.

HARD STOP input - the input is used as a part of a safety circuit, which allows protecting mechanics and people. The function is based on a special digital input, which means to be closed for normal operation and breaks in case of emergency.