Smart Motor Devices develops new SMSD-Modbus programmable stepper motor controllers

The controllers are set to replace complex motor drive systems controlled by industrial PLC

Tallinn, Estonia - Smart Motor Devices, a leading manufacturer of controllers for industrial applications, has proudly released a new range of programmable stepper motor controllers that are capable of improving the simplicity and cost-efficiency of their systems.

Advanced Tech Unlocks A Simpler Solution Than Standard Industrial PLCs

For many years, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) were the standard choice of master controllers for an extensive range of industrial applications that use electric drivers. However, the SMSD-Modbus programmable stepper motor controllers combine a power section with a PLC-like module to simplify development processes and reduce the cost of a system while maintaining the same functionality as would be achieved when operating with a traditional industrial PLC.

By developing a better solution, Smart Motor Devices has removed the need to use an external control PLC, thus enabling developers to reduce the total cost of the final systems and reduce system development time.

The SMSD-Modbus was developed as a stepper motor controller with advanced functionality, which provides: a stepper motor driver for phase power and motor movement, a module for I/O signals to integrate with external devices, and built-in PLC with more than 200 instructions and almost 60,000 lines of custom algorithm memory.

To achieve the same function as a traditional but expensive PLC, the SMSD-Modbus controllers needed to offer basic instructions for building the general logic of the system and the ability to create loops, subroutines, or jumps. It also had to feature full motor control to support of all basic operation modes (speed control, offset displacements, movement to a given or calculated “on-fly” coordinate, tracking mode) along with encoder support, PMW signal generation, and the ability to operate with I/O signals.

Mathematical, logical, comparison, bit operations including data encoding/decoding were also required alongside operations using timers, counters, interruptions, date and time data.

The SMSD-Modbus controllers do all of this and more, standing out as a game-changing solution for companies across many industrial sectors.

The controllers have already gained popularity, being successfully integrated into new modern devices and systems for companies throughout Europe and beyond. The controllers have additionally helped developers see an array of undeniable advantages including the practicality of smaller, lighter devices while truly adding a layer of convenience and added reliability to ongoing industrial applications.

Smart Motor Devices range of programmable stepper motor controllers includes several models for varying industrial requirements and voltage needs. This includes: the SMSD-1.5Modbus ver.3, SMSD-4.2Modbus, SMSD-8.0Modbus, SMSD-1.5, SMSD-4.2RS, SMSD-4.2LAN, SMSD-4.2CAN, SMSD-8.0LAN.

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