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SMD-8.0DIN ver.2 Stepper motor drivers STEP/DIR

Stepper motor driver SMD-8.0DIN ver.2

Main parameters

Voltage 24 - 48VDC
Max. current per phase 1.0 - 8.0 A
Microstepping 1/1 - 1/128
Control methods STEP/DIR, analog
Size 122x100x46 mm

The high performance stepper motor driver is intended for motors with current per phase up to 8.0 A. This model is controlled via STEP/DIR signals or internal pulse generator with potentiometer speed regulation. Smooth and silent motion can be achieved by using of a microstepping mode.

technical data

Technical data

High voltage level 4 - 24 VDC
Low voltage level 0 - 1 VDC
Input STEP resistance 3 kOhm, no less
Inputs DIR and ENABLE resistance 1 kOhm, no less
Input current of control input STEP 1,4 - 4 mA
Input current of control inputs DIR и ENABLE 4 - 12 mA
Output «FAULT» parameters:  
Signal type opto-coupler output
Maximum voltage 20 VDC
Maximum load current 100 mA
Resistance at close contact 100 Ohm, no more

Dimensions SMD-8.0DIN ver.2

Dimensions SMD-8.0DIN ver.2 Stepper motor drivers STEP/DIR