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APBA80L048030-E brushless DC motor

BLDC motor APBA80L048030-E

Size NEMA 32
Flange 80 mm
Rated power 1000 W
Voltage 48 V
Rated speed 3000 rpm

With their rated power of 1,000 W, the high-performance BLDC motor APBA80L048030-E not only matches the power of AC servo motors with 80 mm flange but are also mechanically compatible. It is rated IP65 and comes standard with an integrated encoder. The incremental encoder resolution is 2,500 CPR (10,000 PPR).

technical data

Technical data

Rated torque 32.63 kgf*cm
Peak torque 97.89 kgf*cm
Rated current 30 A
Torque constant 10.7 Ncm/A
IP-protection motor IP65
Encoder yes
Operating voltage (encoder) 5 V
Encoder type incremental
Encoder resolution 2500 CPR
Line to line inductance 0.21 mH
Line to line resistance 0.043 Ohm
Rotor inertia 170 gcm²
Weight 3.2 kg
Length "A" 162 mm

Dimensions APBA80L048030-E brushless DC motor

Dimensions APBA80L048030-E brushless DC motor