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Miniature stepper motor - FL42STH47-1684A

Stepper motor - FL42STH47-1684A

Size NEMA 17
Flange 42 mm
Holding torque 4.4 kgf*cm
Current per phase 1.68 A
Length 47.5 mm

The FL42STH47-1684A stepper motors in Nema17 size are highly regarded for their versatility and are a popular choice for a wide range of robotic projects, mechatronics system design and programming, as well as for design enthusiasts. These stepper motors find extensive use in numerous products and applications where precise control of shaft position is essential. Some examples include laser cutters, CNC machines, 3D printers for prototyping, disk drives, fax machines, linear drives, and more.

technical data

Technical data

Weight 0.35 kg
Rotor inertia 68 gcm²
Step angle 1.8 °/step
Phase inductance 2.8 mH
Phase resistance 1.65 Ohm
Step angle accuracy ±5 %

Dimensions of stepper motor FL42STH47-1684A

Dimensions of stepper motor FL42STH47-1684A