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SM4247 with SMD-1.6mini ver.2

Stepper motor with integrated controller SM4247 with SMD-1.6mini ver.2

Size NEMA 17
Flange 42 mm
Holding torque 4.4 kgf*cm
Control methods STEP/DIR, RS-232
Microstepping 1/1…1/256

Stepper motor SM4247 with integrated microstepping controller SMD-1.6mini ver.2 is a ready to work assembled unit. The drive provides smooth running, high dynamics and precise positioning. The drive provides both STEP/DIR pulse position control and control by commands via RS-232.

technical data

Technical data

Voltage 12…24VDC
Holding torque 4.4 kgf*cm
Size 42 mm (NEMA 17)
Control methods STEP/DIR, RS-232
Step angle 1.8°
Microstepping 1/1…1/256
Resistance per phase 1.65 Ohm
Inductance per phase 2.8 mH
Rotor inertia 68 gcm2
Weight 0.35 kg
High voltage level 5 - 24 VDC
Low voltage level 0 - 1 VDC
Input current of control signals 10 - 16 mA
Communication interface - RS232:  
Baud 115200
Bits 8
Parity none
Stop bit 1


The drive provides configuring motor control parameters via RS‑232. It is also possible to directly control the motor with commands from a PC or PLC. SMD‑mini‑control software is designated for quick parameterization of the drive, as well as for performing a given movement, setting speed and acceleration, starting and stopping the motor, turning on/off motor phases.

Dimensions of stepper motor SM4247 with integrated controller SMD-1.6mini ver.2