Worm gearmotor SM7165W and SMS7165W

SM7165W is a DC brush motor with worm gearhead. The motor is reversible, maintenance-free. Gearmotor is self-impeding. The standard reduction ratio is 1/30. Other ratios are on request.

We also offer this model with optical encoder 500 ppr. Model name is SMS7165W. This modification is used for speed and position control. Also it is used in a close loop systems.

The main parameters of gearmotor SM7165W and SMS7165W

  • Motor power: 200 W
  • Rated torque: 110 kgf*cm
  • Rated speed: 100 rpm
  • Reduction ratio: 1/30
  • Gearhead type: worm
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Current: <8.3 Amp
  • SMS7165W:
  • encoder type: optic
  • encoder resolution: 500 ppr

Dimensions of gearmotor SM7165W

Dimensions of gearmotor SM7165W