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Brush DC motor controller BMSD‑20Modbus

Main parameters

Voltage 12 – 24 VDC
Rated current up to 20 A
Peak current 30 A
Control methods RS-485Modbus (speed or position)
Pre-programmed motion
Size 116x100x23 mm

BMSD‑20Modbus is a programmable controller for DC brush motors. The unit can be controlled via RS-485 Modbus ASCII or RTU. It provides speed and position control (for motors with encoder). There are programmable digital inputs. Current limitation finction.

technical data

Technical data

Parameters of external signals IN1 and IN2:  
Max. resistance of closed contacts 4.7 kOhm
Max. input current 0.5 mA
Control methods RS-485Modbus (speed or position),
Pre-programmed motion

Dimensions BMSD‑20Modbus

Dimensions BMSD‑20Modbus