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BMSD-20Modbus - DC brush motor controller with RS-485

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BMSD‑20Modbus - programmable DC brush motor controller with RS‑485

BMSD‑20Modbus is a programmable device which is intended for DC motors speed and position control. The controller is designad to operated with 12V and 24V motor with rated current up to 20 Amp. BMSD-20Modbus can be used as position or speed controller, set the direction of rotation, provides positioning and speed stabilization when using motors with encoder, and control acceleration and deceleration. Thanks to the current limiting function, the controllers protect the motor from overloads.

The controllers can operate as a slave in RS‑485 system, using the Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol. Programming function makes it possible to compose and upload a user program to the non-volatile memory of the device. Pre-programmed controller can operate as a standalone drive or work according to instructions, which are sent via RS-485 Modbus.

The main parameters of brush motor controller BMSD‑20Modbus

  • Rated current: 20 Amp
  • Power supply: 12 ‑ 24VDC
  • Hardware short-circuit protection (time operation 15 μs): 30 Amp
  • Phase current limitation (response time 5 s): 1...20 Amp
  • Communication interface: RS‑485, Modbus – ASCII or RTU

Functions and possibilities of DC motor controller BMSD‑20Modbus

  • - setting the motor shaft rotation speed via Modbus;
  • - dc motor positioning (for motors with encoder);
  • - setting the values ​​of acceleration and deceleration;
  • - setting the maximum value of the motor current (motor overload protection);
  • - drawing up a user control program, starting the program by command via Modbus or automatically when the drive is powered up;
  • - programming inputs IN1 and IN2, which can also be used as START / STOP and REVERSE / DIRECTION signals;
  • - selection of the logic of operation of input signals IN1 and IN2 (START / STOP and REVERS) - triggering on the edge or signal level.

When working with a DC brushed motor with an encoder (Hall sensor), the controller provides advanced options for controlling the drive:

  • - Speed stabilization based on information from the encoder.
  • - Positioning to a given coordinate or displacement by a given value according to the encoder in the range from - 2 147 483 647 to + 2 147 483 647 Hall sensors switching.

The most simple command system allows you to compose motor control algorithms in the form of a sequence of executable instructions. The controller allows you to create loops, wait timers, use conditional and unconditional, relative and absolute jumps, create and use subroutines. The maximum program length is 1024 instructions.

Dimensions of DC brush motor controller BMSD‑20Modbus

Dimensions of  DC brush motor controller BMSD-20 Modbus