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Miniature stepper motor - FL57STH56-2804A

Stepper motor - FL57STH56-2804A

Size NEMA 23
Flange 57 mm
Holding torque 12.6 kgf*cm
Current per phase 2.8 A
Length 56 mm

The stepper motors FL57STH56-2804A, which are in the Nema23 size category, are commonly employed as components in actuators for linear motion systems and axes of CNC machines. These motors have a wide range of applications in industrial automation equipment, including assembly and packaging lines, as well as in the field of 3D printing.

technical data

Technical data

Weight 0.7 kg
Rotor inertia 300 gcm²
Step angle 1.8 °/step
Phase inductance 2.5 mH
Phase resistance 0.9 Ohm
Step angle accuracy ±5 %

Dimensions of stepper motor FL57STH56-2804A

Dimensions of stepper motor FL57STH56-2804A