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Miniature stepper motor - FL57STH76-2804A

Stepper motor - FL57STH76-2804A

Size NEMA 23
Flange 57 mm
Holding torque 18.9 kgf*cm
Current per phase 2.8 A
Length 76 mm

The stepper motors FL57STH76-2804A, which belong to the Nema23 size category, have gained popularity for their versatility and are widely considered an excellent choice for incorporating mechanical components into various robotic projects, mechatronics systems, and design hobbies. These models find extensive use in a variety of products and applications where precise control of shaft position is crucial. They are commonly employed in laser cutters, CNC machines, 3D printers for prototyping, and linear motion systems, among others. actuators, etc.

technical data

Technical data

Weight 1.0 kg
Rotor inertia 480 gcm²
Step angle 1.8 °/step
Phase inductance 3.6 mH
Phase resistance 1.13 Ohm
Step angle accuracy ±5 %

Dimensions of stepper motor FL57STH76-2804A

Dimensions of stepper motor FL57STH76-2804A