BLD-mini - DC brushless motor with integrated driver

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BLD‑mini - DC brushless motor with integrated driver

The model BLD‑mini is outdated, production discontinued. We recommend using new models instead. Please, check the list of present models here

BLD‑mini is a DC brushless driver integrated with a low power DC brushless motor SM57L55. The set is designed for control of the motor speed and direction. It is intended for a fan load. This drive provides overcurrent protection, stall detection, automatic restart.

As`the couple of the motor and controller has really small dimensions it saves space in an application. As it is supplied as a single whole (the driver is integrated with the motor) it saves time during installation.

The main parameters of DC brushless motor with integrated driver BLD‑mini:

  • Minimum speed: 250 ‑ 300 rpm
  • Rated speed: 2500 rpm
  • No load max. speed: 3200 rpm
  • Power supply: 12 ‑ 24 VDC
  • Maximum current: 2 Amp
  • Logic signals power supply: 5 VDC

The main features of BLD‑mini:

  • Speed control: analogue voltage signal 0 ‑ 5 VDC;
  • Smooth motor acceleration and deceleration;
  • Motor speed control without usage of Hall sensors;
  • Automatic synchronization with rotating motor;
  • Rotation direction depends on a clean contact signal DIR.

Motor control:

Speed control:

  • analog signal 0 ‑ 5 VDC or resistance 5 kOh
  • external potentiometer

Direction control:

  • At the motor start moment rotation direction depends on a presence of a signal at DIR input. In the course of operation rotation direction is changed by a clean contact type signal at the DIR input.

Connection and dimensions:

Connection of low power DC brushless motor with integrated driver BLD-mini