BLD-20DIN - controller for BLDC motors

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BLD‑20DIN - controller for BLDC motors

BLDC motors controller BLD‑20DIN is a device for control of 3‑phase DC brushless motors with Hall sensors. BLD‑20DIN controls motor speed, acceleration and deceleration, direction.

The design of the controller includes internal braking resistor for recuperative energy consumption during deceleration of inertial loads.

The case of controller BLD‑20DIN provides DIN rail mounting.

  • BLD‑20DIN has inputs for external signals (clean contact):
  • - signal START/STOP for start and stop of the motor motion
  • - signal DIR for control of rotation direction
  • - alarm stop signal
  • Speed control:
  • - to adjust motion speed there is an internal potentiometer and inputs for connection of an external potentiometer.

The main parameters of the controller BLD‑20DIN

  • Nominal current in motor phase: 20 Amp
  • Maximum current in motor phase: 80 Amp
  • Power supply: 24 ‑ 48 VDC

BLD‑20DIN features:

  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration of the motor is adjusted by using of a trimmer potentiometer.
  • Analog speed control by internal or external potentiometer.
  • To start and stop the motor there are a button START/STOP and an input for connection of an external signal.
  • To change the motion direction there are a button DIR and an input for connection of an external signal.
  • There is an input for connection of an external alarm signal.
  • The motor current limiting can be adjusted by using of a trimmer potentiometer.
  • Handling of external signals START/STOP and DIR can be realized as per the signal level or per fron edge of the signal. To change the signal handling method approach our company or our official representatives.

Dimensions of controller BLD‑20DIN:

dimensions of controller BLD-20DIN for DC brushless motors