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MT6071iE - HMI for control of stepper, DC brush and brushless drives

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MT6071iE - HMI for drives control

MT6071iE with preloaded software by Smart Motor Devices is intended for easy and handy control of motors with our controllers. The standard software is used for control of:

  • • Stepper motors with SMSD series controllers
  • • DC brushless motors with BLSD series controllers
  • • DC brush motors with BMSD series controllers.

For conditions when usage of a computer is improper or impossible, we offer control of motor drive using HMI MT6071iE with our preset software. With HMI MT6071iE an operator can adjust, program and control motors using GUI of the HMI. No need of a computer, PLC or other devices – only the motor drive and MT6071iE.

  • • The control of a drive is provided via serial interface RS‑485.
  • • Ready software for Smart Motor Devices controllers is already loaded into the HMI. Graphic interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • • Color touch-sensitive high quality TFT LCD display is light-intensified and high-contrast, with high resolution, wide view angle and long lifetime. It provides easy and pleasant work.
  • • HMI MT6071iE has small sizes and high reliability.

The main parameters of HMI MT6071iE

  • Display: touch-sensitive 7” TFT, resolution 800x480, 16M colors
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Weight: 0.6 kg

Drives connection interface

For connection of motor drives interfaces RS‑232 and RS‑485 are used. The HMI MT6071iE has 3 communication ports on the frame: one RS‑232 port (which can be used for stepper motors control with SMSD controllers) and two RS‑485 ports (can be used for stepper, DC brush and brushless drives control). For connection 9 pins D-sub connectors are used.

connection scheme of HMI MT6071iE

Control of DC brush and brushless drives with controllers BLSD and BMSD series

 HMI MT6071iE for control of DC brush and brushless drives

Controllers SMSD series with HMI MT6071iE

Controllers SMSD series with HMI MT6071iE provide easy and handy control of stepper motors. Using HMI MT6071iE with our pre-loaded software, it is possible in a quick and easy way to assemble and upload to the SMSD controller motion algorithm for a stepper motor. User friendly GUI presents an opportunity to work in real-time mode (control mode “Direct control” – control of a stepper motor by separate commands without saving into a nonvolatile memory of the controller). For repeated procedures such set of HMI and SMSD provides a “Program load” mode. (Commands are assembled into a list as a sequence of motion executing algorithm. Such algorithm – motion program is saved into the nonvolatile memory and can be executed later in a standalone mode.). For some simple motions it is convenient to use HMI in a mode “Simple control” – minimum motion parameters are set by operator. Start and stop of the motor are performed by simple buttons.

We offer HMI MT6071iE with preloaded software for using together with our stepper controllers. The software offers the possibility to choose and to use one of 3 different control modes:

Simple Control

For simple movements we offer control mode “Simple control”. An operator set on the HMI motion parameters – speed, acceleration and displacement (or constant motion). Motion start, stop and selection of direction are set by buttons. If the motion is set with “use program load” option, the current state of the motor (run or stop) is displayed on the HMI.

Simple control mode screen - HMI MT6071iE for control of stepper drives

Load program

Control mode “Load program” is intended for preparing and uploading to the SMSD controller of motion algorithms. The stepper motor motion program is assembled as a list of commands, which will be executed by motor one by one. Ready motion program (or just a part of the algorithm) are uploaded to the SMSD controller by pressing a special button on the display.

Load program mode screen - HMI MT6071iE for control of stepper drives

Direct control

The control mode “Direct control” is intended for a real-time control of a stepper drive. The commands are executed as soon as they are transferred to the controller. The history of transferred commands are displayed on the HMI.

Direct control mode screen - HMI MT6071iE for control of stepper drives