Stepmotor controller SMSD‑4.2CAN with CAN, CANopen protocol

SMSD‑4.2CAN is a stepper motor controller with output current per phase up to 4.2 A. The controller is intended for operation under the control of a PLC with CANopen protocol. For the stepper motor commutation the controller provides two modes - current and voltage control modes. In the voltage control mode the controller uses a motor parameters for calculation of phases supply voltage, this mode provides smooth motion at low speeds and accurate microstepping division. Another special feature of the voltage contorl mode - the controller can detect if the rotor is locked.

The controller provides the next operation modes according to protocol CANopen:

  • Velocity control mode - used for maintaining a specified rotation speed, acceleration and deceleration;
  • Position control mode - used for displacement to a specified position, with specified speed, acceleration and deceleretion parameters;
  • Homing mode - used for search of the zero (home) position.

The protocol CANopen provides using of custom measurement units. Also it is possible to take into account reduction ratios in case of gearheads using. The position control can be implemented as a relative or absolute displacement.

The CANopen protocol has a wide range of features for synchronization and synchronous operation of few controllers. The additional option of SMSD‑4.2CAN - simple driver mode.

The main parameters of stepmotor controller SMSD‑4.2CAN

  • Max. current per phase - 4.2 Amp
  • Power supply - 12 ‑ 48 VDC
  • Microstepping mode - up to 1/128
  • PLC connection - CAN
  • User PC connection - USB
  • Outputs - 2 digital
  • Inputs - 4 digital


For the purposes of the controller configurating, debugging and operation testing we provide the special free software CANopen Builder.

CANopen Builder - software for stepmotor controllers configuring

Dimensions of stepmotor controller SMSD 4.2CAN:

Dimensions of stepmotor controller SMSD-4.2CAN