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SMSD‑4.2CAN Stepper motor controller

Stepper motor controller SMSD‑4.2CAN

Main parameters

Voltage 24 - 48VDC
Max.current per phase 1.0 - 4.2 A
Microstepping 1/1 - 1/128
Control methods CANOpen, STEP/DIR
Interfaces CAN, USB

SMSD-4.2CAN is intended for operation under the control of a PLC with CANopen protocol. It provides velocity and position control and homing function according to the standard. The controller provides USB connection and free software for parametrization. STEP/DIR pulse position control is also provided.


For the purposes of the controller configurating, debugging and operation testing we provide the special free software CANopen Builder.

Dimensions SMSD‑4.2CAN

Dimensions SMSD‑4.2CAN Stepper motor controller