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Stepmotor drivers SMD‑1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN

SMD-1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN are stepper drivers for small and medium size stepper motors with current per phase up to 1.6 A (SMD-1.6DIN) and up to 2.8 A (SMD-2.8DIN). Drivers provide smooth operation, maximum microstepping devision is 1/256.

Standard logic signals STEP and DIR are used for motion control. Enable signal is also provided and it can be inverted if it is required by a system. Drivers SMD‑1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN operate with external logic signals source – frequency generator, PLC and etc.

The drivers are designed on a modern element base with the use of new engineering solutions, which allow to achieve high speeds while maintaining useful torque. The microstepping division up to 1/256 provides exceptional smoothness and accuracy of positioning, and the output signal FAULT allows monitoring emergency situations that can arise during operation. Additionally, the SMD-1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN have the STO function (Safe Torque Off) - which provides motor phases deenergizing in case of any alarm situation.

The main parameters of stepmotor drivers
SMD‑1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN

  • Max. current per phase - 1.6 Amp (SMD-1.6DIN)
  • Max. current per phase - 2.8 Amp (SMD-2.8DIN)
  • Power supply - 12 ‑ 24 VDC
  • Microstepping mode - 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256

Dimensions of stepmotor drivers SMD‑1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN:

Dimensions of stepmotor drivers SMD-1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN

Connection of stepper motor drivers SMD-1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN:

Connection of stepper motor drivers SMD-1.6DIN and SMD-2.8DIN