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Stepper motor driver SMD-2.8DIN

Main parameters

Voltage 12 - 24VDC
Max. current per phase 1.3 … 2.8 A
Microstepping 1/1 - 1/256
Control methods STEP/DIR
Size 116x100x23 mm

The driver is intended for small size stepper motors with current per phase up to 2.8 A. The control method is standard STEP/DIR. The driver provides smooth and exact positioning. Holding motor current can be reduced in order to make lower heating and energy save, this function can be switched on or off by a customer.

technical data

Technical data

High voltage level 5 - 12 VDC
Low voltage level 0 - 1 VDC
Input STEP resistance 3 kOhm, no less
Inputs DIR and ENABLE resistance 1 kOhm, no less
Input current of control input STEP 1,4 - 4 mA
Input current of control inputs DIR и ENABLE 4 - 12 mA
Output «FAULT» parameters:  
Signal type opto-coupler output
Maximum voltage 48 VDC
Maximum load current 50 mA
Resistance at close contact 100 Ohm, no more

Dimensions of SMD-2.8DIN