Programmable stepmotor controller SMSD‑1.5

SMSD‑1.5 controller is the smallest in SMSD series, it was designed to control small size stepper motors, output current is under 1.6 A per motor's phase. The controller provides 3 main control modes - programmable, analog speed control and STEP/DIR position control. Digital I/O of the controller make it easy to use the controller together with other electronics of a system.

The main parameters of programmable stepmotor controller SMSD‑1.5

  • Max. current per phase - 1.6 Amp
  • Power supply - 10 ‑ 30 VDC
  • Microstepping mode - 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16

The control modes of SMSD‑1.5

  • Program mode - this mode is widely used for cycle and repetitive actions. The motion algorithm recorded from a PC (USB) to a nonvolatile memory of the controller and afterwards can be executed as per input signal or as per a command from a PC. Please, refer to the user manual for a full list of executing commands. Special software for program assembling and downloading to the controller is provided by our company for free.
  • Analog speed control - manual mode - it is used for smooth speed regulation without PC connection. The motor speed is proportional to analog voltage signal, potentiometer regulation is also possible. Direction and start/stop are controlled by digital inputs.
  • Pulse position control STEP/DIR - the standard position control mode, motor speed is proportional to a STEP voltage signals frequency, displacement is proportional to a STEP signals quantity. Rotation direction depends on a voltage level at DIR input.

Digital inputs/outputs of stepmotor controller SMSD‑1.5

  • Start/Stop (input, valid for program and analog control modes)
  • Reverse (input, valid for program and analog control modes)
  • Motion enable (input, valid for program, analog control and STEP/DIR modes)
  • Start zero positioning (input, valid for program control mode)
  • "Home" position (input, valid for program control mode)
  • Relay (output, valid for program control mode)
  • Inp1 and Inp2 - (programmable inputs, valid for program control mode)

Dimensions of programmable stepmotor controller SMSD‑1.5:

Dimensions of stepmotor controller SMSD-1.5