Programmable stepmotor controller SMSD-4.2LAN

SMSD‑4.2LAN is a new-generation stepmotor controller with advanced communication protocol. It is designed by our engineers for medium size stepper motors, output current is under 4.2A per motor's phase. The most useful advantage of the controller - remote control and Ethernet connection and control of a stepper motor using a local network. USB connection is also provided.

Another useful characteristic of the controller - it provides special voltage control mode for a range of great requested motor models. This control mode provides singularly smooth motion and accurate microstepping ratio up to 1/128..

The controller provides 5 different control modes: real-time control by commands, motion control according to one of 4 executing programs, which are stored in a controller'r memory; analog speed control; analog position control; STEP/DIR pulse position control. Digital I/O of the controller make it easy to use the controller together with other electronics of a system.

The main parameters of programmable stepmotor controller SMSD‑4.2LAN

  • Max. current per phase - 4.2 Amp
  • Power supply - 24 ‑ 48 VDC
  • Microstepping mode - 1, 1/2, 1/4,1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
  • Communication interfaces - Ethernet, USB.

The control modes of SMSD‑4.2LAN

  • Program mode - SMSD‑4.2LAN provides 4 independed memory area for storage of an executing programs. Control commands are assembled into a control sequences, saved into the controller's memory and can be called later during a standalone operation or from a computer. This mode is widely used for cycle and repetitive actions. The motion algorithmes are recorded to the controller from a PC using a local network Ethernet or USB connection. Afterwards every of 4 programs can be executed as per input signal or as per a command from a PC. Please, refer to the user manual and communication protocol for a full list of executing commands. Special software for program assembling and downloading to the controller is provided by our company for free.
  • Direct cotrol mode - control stepmotor in real-time mode by commands, set from a computer (Ethernet or USB). The controller execute every command as soon as receive it from a computer. Calling a program from the memory, cycles and "if conditions" are also possible in this mode. Please, refer to the user manual for a full list of executing commands.
  • Analog speed control - manual mode - it is used for smooth speed regulation without PC connection. The motor speed is proportional to analog voltage signal, potentiometer regulation is also possible. Direction and start/stop are controlled by digital inputs.
  • Analog position control mode - provides regulation of an angle displacement. The rotor position depends on an analog control signal (voltage or potentiometer regulation) - from 0 to 270°.
  • Pulse position control STEP/DIR - the standard position control mode, motor speed is proportional to a STEP voltage signals frequency, displacement is proportional to a STEP signals quantity. Rotation direction depends on a voltage level at DIR input. Additional ENABLE signal is also provided.

Functions and possibilities of stepmotor controller SMSD‑4.2LAN:

  • Remote control through Ethernet;
  • Standalone motor control according to one of 4 independent executing program sequences, stored in the controller’s memory;
  • Real time stepper motor control by commands forwarded from a computer via USB or through a local network Ethernet;
  • Recording and reading of executing program sequences through a local network Ethernet or USB interface;
  • The controller keeps in memory up to 4 independent executing program sequences. Each one can be started in a standalone control mode or called via communication interface (Ethernet or USB); every program can be called and used as a subprogram of any other program. Every program contains up to 255 control commands;
  • Program control of an internal relay is provided;
  • Motor control parameters (such as current per phase, holding current, microstepping mode, control mode) are adjusted using menu of the controller or via communication interface (Ethernet or USB);
  • Pulse position control with standard signals 0/5 VDC (up to 24 VDC on condition that additional current limiting resistances are used) «STEP», «DIR» and «ENABLE» is provided;
  • Analog speed control is provided: using internal or external potentiometers or analog voltage signal 0..5 VDC;
  • Analog position control is provided: using internal or external potentiometers or analog voltage signal 0..5 VDC;
  • Motor stop is provided as received signal from an emergency sensor;
  • Change of motor motion direction is provided as received signal from a revers sensor;
  • Homing position function is provided;
  • Storage of a mark (current) position and motion to the mark position is provided;
  • Synchronized operation of several controllers and other devices is provided by inputs and outputs;
  • Automatic source voltage control – if the power supply falls outside the allowance range (less than 20 VDC or more than 51 VDC) when the controller is switched on or within 2 seconds during operation, the controller outputs the alarm;
  • A motor acceleration and deceleration is adjusted from a controller menu or via communication interface;
  • The controller is equipped with an internal brake resistor. External brake resistor can be connected as well if needed;
  • Alarm sound and indication of a code of the alarm are provided;
  • 2-sign 7-segment display is provided for indication of alarms, control modes and the controller adjustment;
  • 32-bit password secures access through the local network, 1 second interval of authorization provides strong access protection (exhaustive search requires 136 years).


It is possible to use open communication protocol or ready software for stepmotor controllers`SMSD‑4.2LAN. The software SMC-Program Ver.5 provides connection and control of few devices connected via Ethernet or USB interface.

SMC-Program software for stepmotor controller

SMC-Program - software for stepmotor controllers

SMC-Program - software for stepmotor controllers

Dimensions of programmable stepmotor controller SMSD‑4.2LAN:

Dimensions of stepmotor controller SMSD-4.2LAN