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Programmable stepper motor controller SMSD-4.2RS

Programmable stepper motor controller SMSD‑4.2RS

Voltage 12 - 48 VDC
Current per phase 0.2 - 4.2 A
Microstepping 1/1 - 1/16
Control methods program, 0..5 VDC, STEP/DIR
Interfaces RS-485, RS-232

The controller provides both communication interfaces RS‑232 and RS‑485 for programming and real-time control via PC or PLC. Analog speed regulation and standard STEP/DIR mode are also provided. The controller can work as a standalone device or be a PLC (PC) controlled slave.

technical data

Technical data

Inputs DIR, STEP (simple driver mode):  
High voltage level 5-24 VDC
Low voltage level 0 - 1 VDC
Input resistance 3.0 KOhm,
no less
Communication interface - USB, virtual COM RS232:  
Baud 9600
Bits 8
Parity even
Stop bit 1
Additional output «5VDC»:  
Voltage 5 VDC
Maximum load current 20 mA
Resistance 27 Ohm


SMC-Program-Extended is used with SMSD-4.2RS-485 controllers for stepper motors. Communication interface and full command list are open and available in SMSD controller documentation. But for time saving, customers' support and convenience we offer ready software for easy work and fast execution programs assembling.

SMC-program-Extended allows simple motion control - set start and working speed, acceleration, motion direction and dispalcement. And another possibility - to assemble execution commands sequences - with operation loops, synchronization with other devices (inputs/outputs control). Real-time commands sending to SMSD is provided.

SMSD-4.2RS-485 controllers provide common data bus addressing - every of the controllers has it's own unique ID, few controllers can be connected to one bus RS-485.