stepmotor with integrated driver SMD-4.2mini

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STEPMOTOR with integrated driver SMD‑4.2mini

SMD‑4.2mini is a step motor driver, which is designed to be buit-in into stepper motors. At the moment these drivers are offered together with stepper motors as whole assembled units. No need of connecting, adjusting or any other preparation - the system is a ready to work complete step motor drive.

SMD‑4.2mini is supplied as a single whole with a stepper motor SM8680. As a consequence it takes less space in a final application. What is more the usage of SMD‑4.2mini doesn't require connection and adjusting a driver and a stepper motor, these units are preassembled already and it saves customer's time.

To control the motion standard pulse signals are used. Trains of voltage pulse signals at the STEP input determine movement displacement and speed (depends on a pulses number and frequency accordingly). A level voltage signal at the DIR input determines the movement direction.

The main parameters of tiny built-in stepper driver SMD‑4.2mini

  • Max. current per phase - 4.2 Amp
  • Power supply - 12 ‑ 48 VDC
  • Microstepping mode - 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16

The main parameters of stepper motor SM8680 with integrated driver SMD‑4.2mini

  • Maximum holding torque: 45 kgf*cm
  • Maximum current per phase: 4.2 A
  • Phase resistance: 0.8 Ohm
  • Phase inductance: 3.5 mH
  • Motor rotor inertia: 1400 g*cm2

Dimensions of stepper motor SM8680 with integrated driver SMD‑4.2mini:

Dimensions of stepper motor SM8680 with integrated driver SMD-4.2mini