Stepmotor driver SMD‑4.2DIN

SMD‑4.2DIN is a new-generation stepmotor driver with high dinamic performance. It is designed by our engineers for medium size stepper motors, output current is under 4.2A per motor's phase. The driver provides pulse (STEP/DIR) position control, shaft angle regulation according to an analog signal and analog speed control operation modes.

The signature advantage of the driver - two different motor phases control modes - current mode for high speeds and better torque and voltage control - for smooth uniform motion and high microstepping.

Control methods:

  • Pulse position control (STEP/DIR)
  • Analog speed control (0 ‑ 5 VDC or potentiometer)
  • Analog control of rotation angle - tracking mode (0 ‑ 5 VDC or potentiometer)

The main parameters of stepmotor driver SMD‑4.2DIN

  • Max. current per phase - 4.2 Amp
  • Power supply - 24 ‑ 48 VDC
  • Microstepping mode - 1, 1/2, 1/4,1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128

The operation modes of SMD‑4.2DIN

  • Analog speed control - manual mode - it is used for smooth speed regulation without PC connection. The motor speed is proportional to analog voltage signal, potentiometer regulation is also possible. Direction and start/stop are controlled by digital inputs.
  • Analog position control mode - provides regulation of an angle displacement. The rotor position depends on an analog control signal (voltage or potentiometer regulation) - from 0 to 270°.
  • Pulse position control STEP/DIR - the standard position control mode, motor speed is proportional to a STEP voltage signals frequency, displacement is proportional to a STEP signals quantity. Rotation direction depends on a voltage level at DIR input. Additional ENABLE signal is also provided.

Functions and possibilities of stepmotor driver SMD‑4.2DIN:

  • Pulse position control with standard logic low level voltage signals 0…1 VDC and high level voltage signals 4…5 VDC (up to 24VDC on condition that additional current limiting resistances are used) «STEP», «DIR» and «ENABLE» is provided;
  • Analog speed control is provided: using internal or external potentiometers or analog voltage signal 0..5 VDC;
  • Analog position control (motor shaft rotation angle) is provided: using internal or external potentiometers or analog voltage signal 0..5 VDC;
  • 2-sign 7-segment display is provided for indication of alarms  and the driver adjustment;
  • Automatic source voltage control – if the power supply falls outside the allowance range (less than 20VDC or more than 51VDC) when the driver is switched on or within 2 seconds during operation, the driver outputs the alarm and indicate the alarm code on the 2-sign 7-segment display;
  • A motor acceleration and deceleration is adjusted;
  • The driver is equipped with an internal brake resistor. External brake resistor can be connected as well if needed;
  • Control of a known state of the driver and output of the relevant signal FAULT;
  • Alarm sound, indication of a code of the alarm on the 2-sign 7-segment display and  inversion of FAULT output signal are provided.

Dimensions of stepmotor driver SMD‑4.2DIN:

Dimensions of stepmotor driver SMD-4.2DIN