Stepper motors, drivers and controllers, complete stepper drives

Stepper motors allow reaching a balance between positioning precision and system cost. No gearheads are needed as stepper motors provide high torque at low speeds. With appropriate settings of the controller mode and microstepping options these motors provide precise motions and easy control. Systems with stepper motors provide long life-time as there are no brushes or other commutation motion parts.

We design and manufacture high-quality and cost-effective drivers and controllers for stepper motion control.

Stepper motors

stepper motor

We offer hybrid high-efficient stepper motors from tiny 28mm flange size NEMA 11 up to powerfull 110mm flange size NEMA 43.

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Stepper motor drivers

stepmotor driver

Our SMD series drivers are intended for 2-phases or 4-phases stepmotors. Simple logic accepts STEP, DIR and ENABLE signals 5-24VDC. Pulse mode and A-B 90º phase differential mode are available.

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Stepper motor controllers

stepper motor controller

We've designed advanced controllers for stepper motors, which provide few different control modes. These controllers are programmable, don't require pulse signal source.

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Stepper motors with built-in drivers

stepmotor with built-in driver

SMD mini are stepper motor drivers, which are designed to be buit-in into stepper motors. At the moment these drivers are offered preassembled together with motor or separately. Just get a preassembled unit and there will be no need in connecting, adjusting or any other preparations - the system is ready to work.

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Stepmotor drives

complete stepmotor drive

Complete stepper motor drives are based on our stepper motor controllers and drivers. Complete step drives consist of stepper motor, suitable driver or controller and software (for programmable step drives).

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