Small stepper motor SM2832

SM2832 is one of the smallest hybrid stepper motors. Although the size is small, the output torque is high enough for the range of applications, such as disk drives, fax machines, printing devices, copying machines, appliances. It can be used also in fine mechanics devices, optical devices, instrumentation, sorting automatic machines, automatic feeders, microsized dosing units and many others. Stepper motor SM2832 has low rotor inertia, which result to excellent dynamics and high maximum rotation speed.

To control SM2832 we recommend step motor driver SMD‑1.8 or step motor controller SMSD‑1.5.

The main parameters of stepper motor SM2832

  • Maximum holding torque: 0.43 kgf*cm (0.042 N*m)
  • Maximum current per phase: 0.95 A
  • Phase resistance: 2.8 Ohm
  • Phase inductance: 0.8 mH
  • Rotor inertia: 0.9 g*cm2
  • Weigh: 0.11 kg

Wiring of stepper motor SM2832:

Wiring of stepper motor SM2832

Dimensions of small stepper motor SM2832:

small stepper motor SM2832 - dimensions